Murtikar jury

Vishal Shuryankant Shinde

He is a graduate of Sir JJ School of Arts and Fine Arts and the proud owner of Trimurti Arts Studio. He is renowned for being the one who invented the Bal Ganesha Murti and has 20 years of experience in sculpting some memorable idols.

Decoration jury

Dattadri Kothur

He is Tree Ganesha’s one and only founder. He is currently employed with one of India’s top agencies, and in the past, he has been involved with iconic campaigns and companies. He has been featured in publications from the Times of India to DNA Newspaper and Loksatta. Graduate of the applied art programme at the LS Raheja College of Art, he has worked on pieces like Tree Ganesha, Half Bag, and Top-up Book. to mention a few.

Mobile photography jury

Abhishek Jadhav

He holds a degree in applied art from the LS Raheja College of Art, and while working as a professional in the advertising industry, he has contributed to a number of noteworthy projects. He enjoys mobile photography and has taken part in well-known campaigns including Tree Ganesha, Half Bag, and Top-up Book in his own time.