Definition of true eco-friendly Ganesh celebration.


Celebrating festivals has been a part of the Indian culture from the past hundreds of years. These celebrations are celebrated in order to bring a sense of unity and spreading happiness. In most of the cultural festivals, relatives visit their knowns and have a good time.

During such festivals, it’s a common practice of celebrating the festival with loads of events like organising dance and Instruments during bringing Bappa home and also during visarjan. In the place were Ganesha is resided it is also heavily decorated with materials and other things that are harmful to the nature.

Materials such as thermocol  and plastics are used as decorative articles. To make such articles more attractive kinds of paints made from synthetic processes containing lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals are used for the same purpose.

Thermocol/plastic being an artificial material can take up to 100’s of years to decompose and till then it’s a threat to the environment. In a country like India where the population is high and the land available is less. These materials are forced to be dumped in open areas without any processing. In rural and urban areas the people tend to burn these materials in large quantities. The smoke emitted from such activities leads to major respiratory problems and also sometimes excess inhalation leads to pneumonia.

If these materials are also collected by the authorities these materials are dumped into the dumping grounds which are placed near water bodies which in turn leads to water and groundwater pollution.

The main ceremony of idol immersion and the effects after it are to a  large extent. The idols made from POP are synthetic and the constituents of POP don’t dissolve in the water bodies and leading to the sinking of the materials and settling on the water bed and remaining at lace and damaging the coral life.


To see beyond these problems we need to switch to a better alternative that is eco-friendly Idols. Tree Ganesha's idols are eco-friendly and also immersion free the idols of Bappa stays with you and doesn’t cause any harm to your beloved environment.

Tree Ganesha's idols have pre-planted seeds in the idols post the immersion ceremony you can place the idols in the open area and have a good time by seeing your Ganesha around you.

Tree Ganesha's eco-friendly Ganesha is completely pollution-free and does not use any kind of synthetic colours, colours used are natural and do not contain lead and mercury.

The use of plastic and thermacol is zero. we are contributing to the solution.

Eco-friendly Ganesha's are not cheap they are priced according to the purpose they solve and the burden that they do not have on society.

Eco-friendly Ganesha,s are made from natural materials and are available in the nature they are not to be processed as raw material. Idols that have to submerge in water bodies are not truly eco-friendly. only idols that can be submerged within the homes are eco-friendly.


                                                   “Find right, use right”


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