Our Vision

The vision of Tree Ganesha is to conserve the environment and celebrate ganesh festival eco-friendly by adopting Tree Ganesha in everyone's home

Our Vision

We are committed to working locally to improve the social and environmental well being of our community. We work for the better future of our society, In India, 90% of the festivals are not environment-friendly.

So, we came up with our innovative concept called Tree Ganesha that will celebrate Ganesh festival without harming the environment, in addition, it gives a return gift to the environment by planting a tree. Our vision is to plant more and more trees so that it will bring back the ecosystem the way it was in earlier years. 

Our vision can be successfully completed when each one will adopt our Tree Ganesha concept and celebrate it eco-friendly by giving rebirth to nature.

By 2022 we will surely be a 360 eco-friendly organization for the people and for the environment too! Our aim is to protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for people all over the world by adopting Tree Ganesha!

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