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Dattadri Kothur the owner of Tree Ganesha holding the revolution of Tree Ganesha and giving a message to adopt ecofriendly idolsCreator of Tree Ganesha 

An art director by profession and an artist and sculptor by passion, Dattadri Kothur alias Datta has come a long way in discovering his love for making Ganesha idols. He learned this divine art by helping the artists at a studio in his backyard and then there was no looking back. He believes that the Ganesh festival is the celebration of nature and strongly supports the cause of environment-friendly celebrations.  He has been successfully using the festival as a platform to raise awareness about the problem of pollution. His endeavors have won him accolades every year. 

An Innovative concept of Environment-friendly Bappa made by Dattadri Kothur Environment-friendly Bappa

Due to the increase in P.O.P Idols in Ganesh Chaturthi, Dattadri Kothur came up with camouflage art an interesting concept of Environment-friendly Bappa which is made by Shadu mud and gives a message of "Bappa's existence in Nature"

An Extraordinary concept of Nature Bappa by Dattadri Kothur

Nature's Bappa

An Extraordinary concept of Nature's Bappa by Dattadri Kothur passing a message of "Saving Environment is an Indirect worshipping of Lord Ganesha" which includes the whole Nature in him. If you are conserving the nature then you are worshipping Ganesha heartily!

The Life Giving Leash

The Life-Giving Leash

An Innovative concept by Dattadri Kothur to save papers with introducing Top up notebook

Top-up Notebook

A creative idea from Dattadri Kohur to conserve trees by introducing Spykar Half Bag project

Spykar Half Bag Project

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