TREE GANESHA – Saviour of a different kind


Problem: Every year, millions of Ganesh murti made with biodegradable materials are immersed in water bodies as a part of the Ganesh festival ritual, At a time when drinkable water is getting more and more scarce, it is criminal to pollute water bodies. It not only pollutes water bodies but also it kills the aquatic animals with Plaster of Paris murti which are made of toxins and poisonous materials. So the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board decided it is time to bring about awareness and a social change without hurting religious sentiment

Solution: Tree Ganesha is made from natural soil, organic fertilizer, and seeds. All it needs is a little sprinkle of water to complete the immersion ritual and soon it would grow into a tree. Tree Ganesha is an Idol that not conserves the nature and environment but also gives additional Tree to Nature.

Impact: The Tree Ganesha concept was celebrated by the masses and media equally. It went viral instantly as media channels, newspapers, website and bloggers shared this novel idea to create the much-required awareness of celebrating the Ganesh Festival without polluting water reserves.