The eco friendly Paper mache Ganpati – Myth or fact.

So when you are searching the internet about the best way to celebrate the festival in the eco-friendly way you may have bumped into the concept of paper mache Ganpati. So let’s dig down into this and understand is this really eco friendly.

The harmful effects of POP (plastic of Paris ) idols is well known to us. The additives used in these idols such as POP, paints, plastic, steel, and fiber having an intense amount of negative effect on the environment.

The eco-friendly Ganpati’s concept is based on making the best use of natural materials in the environment to bring the best outcome. That has minimal effect on the environment and thereby being cost-effective.

Paper mache Ganpati’s are made from the term that they explain being Paper . Paper is used to making such idols. these idols are light in weight and comparatively cheaper.

These idols are decorated with colours and materials to make them a perfect idol and also to shape them. Eco-friendly Ganpati is made from newspapers, leftovers from production, and all other available means to recycle paper and use it.

If you search for paper mache Ganpati on any of your search engine you will notice that these idols are coloured extensively to make them perfect.

So let us break the myths that you have.!

These idols being made have a paper being used as a major constituent. If we dig down into from were these paper materials are originating. These materials are received from recycled newspaper and waste newspaper.

If you read the newspaper you may have noticed that these newspapers are printed with ink and paints and also been added with chemicals to prevent aging, while others sources are concerned these sources also have various chemicals to stop the process of aging and so that paper is good for a longer period of time.

While making these paper mache idols these idols do not have the strength to stand alone. So various materials are used for strengthening.

These idols are not made of just paper but to put together these materials they need to add all kinds of various materials so that they bond together and form a thick base and do not fall apart. these include glue and other resins that are not decomposable in nature. These materials are left in the water bodies after the immersion ceremony.

Polluting every living organism in the sea and on the land.

The next problem lies when these Idols are painted heavily with colours and other decorative materials. These paper mache Ganpati can not hold the natural colours as they absorb the majority of it. So while painting them it has to be painted with artificial synthetic oil-based colours, these colours contain oil, lead, and other added chemicals. These paints are not soluble in water and lead to polluting the water bodies post immersion ceremony. These residues are consumed by marine wildlife and lead to washing out a huge number of fishes to the shores.

These oil residues float on the water surface and block the penetration of oxygen thereby not dissolving oxygen in the water which leads to a lack of dissolved solutes affecting the whole marine ecosystem.

So avoid such products and join the change with Tree Ganesha.

                                 “ Know right, choose right”

10 reasons to switch to Tree Ganesha



Tree Ganesha’s vision to change the way we think and to form an eco-friendly environment to celebrate festivals in India is a work of art in itself. Tree Ganesha’s initiative with making 100% eco-friendly Ganpati Idols and also using an eco-friendly method to celebrate festivals. By the future, we think to revolutionize the way that we think towards festivals and find the best way to this out.

1. Eco friendly

Tree Ganesha’s idols are completely eco-friendly and are made from materials such as red soil and natural colours that are available directly in nature. By using natural materials it not only reduces the use of artificial materials but also doesn’t create stress on nature by exploiting it. The materials are from nature in nature but just in a different form.

2. Natural colours

The idols that are made from POP are decorated with materials and use an extensive amount of synthetic paints that are available and that have a huge amount of lead and oil-based substituents in them.

Tree Ganesha’s idols use completely natural colours are used at the minimal level .these colours are friendly to nature as well as human beings. The beauty of an idol doesn’t lie in the number of paints and decoration but on the beauty of the eyes.

3. Reasonable cost

Idols made from POP available in the market are made with materials that are easily available in the market. So these idols are priced cheaply. these cheap priced materials are not healthy for nature.

Whereas eco-friendly Ganesha’s are concerned they are made from natural materials and still may have added materials to make them strong but are highly-priced.

Our idols at Tree Ganesha are made from soil and completely full proof and we make what we promise, our idols are priced to the market need and are the best price you can find for such great quality of products that you can bring your home.

4. Planting a tree

Tree Ganesha’s idols have an integrated seed in the body of the idol and hence being an immersion free celebration. the immersion ceremony can be conducted in our balconies.

On watering the idols the seeds are regenerated and grow into a healthy plant. Planting a tree for nature and keeping our beloved lord Ganesha among us in the form of a plant.

5. New designs

Our designs at Tree Ganesha are innovative and very creative. Our team of sculptures are young minds from the generations and keep adding new designs to our inventory to meet your need and purpose.

Ganesha’s face details are important and tell about the artist and the idol a lot.

6. Appreciated by celebrities

Recommended by celebrities and professionals. Celebrities are also part of Tree Ganesha’s initiative. Many celebs are our customers.

  1. Prajakta shukre
  2. Dia mirza
  3. Ritesh Deshmukh
  4. Hritik roshan
  5. Richa chhada
  6. Sai Tamhankar.

and the ex-chief minister himself Devendra Fadnavis. They are not only with us for the initiative they also promote Tree Ganesha s initiative with us.

Our achievements.

7. Unique concept

Our concepts are unique in themselves. As mentioned above our team has young and creative people who are always working towards bringing you the best service.

8. Immersion free

Our idols at Tree Ganesha are immersion free and can be immersed in our own homes. As we know the evil effects of the POP idols. so we have this unique concept of immersion free visarjan.

9. Future foresight

We Look into the future and we are working towards making this world a better place to live for the upcoming generations.

We have a vision of becoming a 360 eco-friendly organization.

10. Helping nature with zero cost

If you would have read all the above points we are sure that you have to not spend a rupee to bring the changes to the environment.

So come on board with us and join us to make this place a better place to live!

                                                  “Come join us for a change”

Top 10 tips to go eco-friendly this ganesh Chaturthi.




The weeks of September remark the auspicious time of Ganesh Chaturthi in our society. Everyone is busy preparing for the Ganesh Chaturthi in one way or another for bringing the most attractive pandals and idols of Bappa at home.

Everyone orders their Bappa and does different arrangements.  While Celebrating the whole festival everyone conducts different events like aarti, community dinners and etc. For the final day of visarjan we arrange a band and music system for the most special Ganpati visarjan.

While carrying out this process we often miss out the whole way how we can actually celebrate each event in an eco-friendly way. Each and every activity that is conducted right from Ganpati’s idol to the immersion ceremony causes harm to the environment in one way or the other.

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in the most eco-friendly way is all we search for. So here are the top 10 ways how you can celebrate the eco-friendly way.

1.Energy-saving lights

Often decorations in our pandals and home-based mandaps are decorated heavily with lights and other electronical items. Using such items may seem to make the decoration look promising but they consume a lot of electricity that is not the right way. One can cut down the consumption of lights only during the night or when they are extremely required.

One can also use LED-based lights which are efficient enough and consume a comparatively small amount of electricity than the normal CFC ones. One can also use Diya or lamps made up of clay and light the whole surrounding.

2. Reducing the number of pandals

Pandals are placed where the majority of people come together and worship the Lord in a majority. In India, major societies have their own pandals and also have different idols at their individual homes.

The solution for this can be celebrating the festivals collectively by 2 societies together so that the pandals are reduced and collective life can be conducted easily. The individual celebrations can be merged with the celebration of society during the time of visarjan or community dinner and lunch.

3. Eco-friendly decoration

The decoration is still considered an integral part of decoration and is valued more and people tend to add more and more decorations to their pandals or their individual celebrations.

These decorative materials are majorly made up of thermacol and plastic materials that are harmful to nature as they take up a long time to decompose into the environment and do the most harm during this time.

One should switch to simple decoration alternatives such as flowers which can be decomposed easily and are easily manageable and add the colours and fragrance . The use of cloth materials are also a good substitute and can be reused every other time for decoration and other occasions.

4. Eco-friendly Ganapati idols

The traditional way of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi uses idols made from POP (plaster of Paris) this material does not decompose and cause harm to the marine life causing water pollution. Eco-friendly Ganesha is made from clay and red soil which is available naturally. This not only helps nature but also reduces pollution.

5. Ban plastic items

Plastic items are used intensively for decoration purposes and also for the storage of materials. The majority of plastics are one-time use plastics. These plastic materials are unattended in the environment and affect the environment for a long time.

6. Minimising noisy activities

The rites for the celebration during Ganesh Chaturthi. The events such as arthritis and dhol Tasha during the ceremony create noise pollution. Noise pollution is also a sector where we have to control. controlling the situation is in our hands.

Ganesh Chaturthi aarth’s can be more enjoyable with less noise and the only the use of traditional instruments. The visarjan ceremony has the use of  DJ’s and a huge music system, this can be controlled by finding alternatives.

7.Artificial tanks:

The ceremony of immersion of Ganpati idols is done by the traditional method in major water bodies. Water bodies are a collective of freshwater bodies and seawater, freshwater bodies are a major source of drinking water for domestic purpose .

Using artificial tanks will be the best solution to this problem. Artificial tanks can be disposed of easily and have control of the waste post immersion ceremony.

8. Reuse, reduce, recycle – 3R

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the 3R that have to be followed in every festival to be followed. Usage of decorative materials on the idols and pandals has to be used and stored for the future. Reusing the materials of this ceremony is the best use.

Reducing the consumption of plastic and thermacol for the festival is the new thing that can be followed to eco-friendly Ganesha celebration. Recycling the materials such as metal, plastic, and paper materials to make apparatus for the ceremony.

9.Decomposing organic materials

The use of materials such as fruits, flowers, and vegetables. These materials are organic. These materials are used for rites and are waste is thrown directly. These organic materials can be decomposed and can be used as a fertilizer for agriculture purposes.

10.Using rangoli instead of paints

Rangoli is a traditional material used by people in India. Indian culture is inclined to using rangoli for decoration purposes. we can learn from this and use rangoli for decoration. Rangoli is a natural material and available in nature easily.

So, it’s our responsibility to use this method and evolve the festival into an eco-friendly festival.

                                                “ Switch now to a happy future”

Best eco friendly Ganpati to maintain social  distancing.



The world has been under a pandemic for the year 2020. In such tough times, everyone is supposed to stay home. Everyone is in the danger of the virus. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all the sectors of the world such as crashing economies, the world is under immense stress.

Such tough times have brought us closer to ourselves and our family. As Ganesh Chaturthi is in just a few months it’s advised by the government to stay indoors and practice social distancing.

Social distancing is the main issue we cannot celebrate the festival with our whole family and friends. As we also know that Ganesh Chaturthi is no fun without people, relatives, and friends around us.

The traditional way that we celebrate this festival we have to perform various rites which by default us to have public interactions. The festivals have to perform large aartis with a group of people.

The immersion in the traditional method is taken by water bodies that are available in public places with a large number of people gathering at a single place and not following any rules. Sanitization of the entire surrounding is hardly followed and the risk of contracting the disease is higher.

The decorations for the celebrations can be minimized and using home-based remedies an be the next option and finding alternatives for each process is what will bring more meaning to the festival.

It doesn’t matter how we got into this pandemic it is important to know how we come out of this problem and evolve the outlook on the things that we pursue.

By staying indoors we have clearly understood that animals are no a threat to us but we are the real threat to the animals and the nature around us. Dolphins returning to the coast of Mumbai and animals roaming freely on the roads around different parts of India and also around the world.

It’s high time we understand the threat that we have caused to the environment and polluting mother nature from the past so many years.  Ganpati idol’s immersion has abused the marine ecosystem and also causing land and water pollution.

While we take the eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival we can celebrate the festival without having any interactions with anyone around. Aartis can be performed by the family members around.

The delivery of your eco-friendly Ganesha will be followed by following social distancing and taking good care of sanitizing everything.

Tree Ganesha’s idols being having seeds in them can be planted easily in our balcony or backyards and keep our lord Ganesha within us and helping the nature in form of a tree and also helping us to stay with us in the tough times.

Collectively tree Ganesha idols can help you maintain social distancing and avoid public contact to the large extent. Bring a Tree Ganesha home this time and help make this world a better place.

                                     “Staying home and helping mother nature!”

Definition of true eco-friendly Ganesh celebration.



Celebrating festivals has been a part of the Indian culture from the past hundreds of years. These celebrations are celebrated in order to bring a sense of unity and spreading happiness. In most of the cultural festivals, relatives visit their knowns and have a good time.

During such festivals, it’s a common practice of celebrating the festival with loads of events like organising dance and Instruments during bringing Bappa home and also during visarjan. In the place were Ganesha is resided it is also heavily decorated with materials and other things that are harmful to the nature.

Materials such as thermocol  and plastics are used as decorative articles. To make such articles more attractive kinds of paints made from synthetic processes containing lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals are used for the same purpose.

Thermocol/plastic being an artificial material can take up to 100’s of years to decompose and till then it’s a threat to the environment. In a country like India where the population is high and the land available is less. These materials are forced to be dumped in open areas without any processing. In rural and urban areas the people tend to burn these materials in large quantities. The smoke emitted from such activities leads to major respiratory problems and also sometimes excess inhalation leads to pneumonia.

If these materials are also collected by the authorities these materials are dumped into the dumping grounds which are placed near water bodies which in turn leads to water and groundwater pollution.

The main ceremony of idol immersion and the effects after it are to a  large extent. The idols made from POP are synthetic and the constituents of POP don’t dissolve in the water bodies and leading to the sinking of the materials and settling on the water bed and remaining at lace and damaging the coral life.


To see beyond these problems we need to switch to a better alternative that is eco-friendly Idols. Tree Ganesha’s idols are eco-friendly and also immersion free the idols of Bappa stays with you and doesn’t cause any harm to your beloved environment.

Tree Ganesha’s idols have pre-planted seeds in the idols post the immersion ceremony you can place the idols in the open area and have a good time by seeing your Ganesha around you.

Tree Ganesha’s eco-friendly Ganesha is completely pollution-free and does not use any kind of synthetic colours, colours used are natural and do not contain lead and mercury.

The use of plastic and thermacol is zero. we are contributing to the solution.

Eco-friendly Ganesha’s are not cheap they are priced according to the purpose they solve and the burden that they do not have on society.

Eco-friendly Ganesha,s are made from natural materials and are available in the nature they are not to be processed as raw material. Idols that have to submerge in water bodies are not truly eco-friendly. only idols that can be submerged within the homes are eco-friendly.


                                                   “Find right, use right”


Tree Ganesha shaping Ganesh Chaturthi festival.!

Importance of Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols

The auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in India from several hundreds of years. But after the invasion of foreigners in India, this festival was discontinued in order to bring differences among the people and also so that there is no unity.

But in the later days of 1892 this festival was revived again by the greatest freedom leader of India Bal Gangadhar Tilak in order to bring the people together and fight against the foreigners and show them the real power of unity.

This festival is since by then celebrated among the people in order to showcase the love and devotion to the lord and also bringing people together and sharing happiness with everyone.

The olden days had the idols being made from natural materials such as clay and soil. The idols been made for the purpose of worshipping and not to showcase it.

Fast forward to today, the major pollution caused to the natural environment has the part of Ganesh Chaturthi also. The city of Mumbai having a record of immersing 1,50,000 idols per year. For a fast and easy alternative, we have switched off to POP based idols which are lighter.

These idols not only degrade the natural environment on land but also on the marine life. The post effects of immersion on marine life lead to a rise in water level and also making the water saline. other materials used in the process are also dumped in the same place.

We here at tree Ganesha are of the view to transform this system from an artificial based to the natural-based process being completely immersion free and easy to use.

While using idols that are completely immersion free we also look forward to provide an alternative to celebrate the festival by zero-waste model.

Our vision is to promote more such ways of celebrating such festivals and making an habit among the people for such noble work.

We plan to be a 360-eco friendly  by the year 2022. We not only plan to bring the change to the environment but also to bring a social change. This is in turn inspires the younger generation to celebrate their festivals in such away. You celebrating through tree Ganesha contribute to the movement for a better and cleaner future  for your generation.

Our team is a people who are young and understand the value of nature. We innovate new ideas towards this same goal and promote this.

Our idols are plastic neutral and have seeds of plants which can be planted after the immersion ceremony. Revolutionizing this festival won’t be easy without your help we need your help for the collective action that we are taking towards this problem.

“ Come join us towards a better future “

How to make eco-friendly Ganpati at home.? DIY Ganpati Bappa!



As Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner each one of you is all excited to start preparing for the Ganesh Chaturthi. We start by preparing our homes and societies by cleaning them from all corners and them planning about how the events will be scheduled for the 11 day-long celebrations.

We are sure that you may have also planned out your vacations to your native during this festival. Well, that’s not the case with everyone! Some like to stay in the hustle-bustle of the city and celebrate this festival by visiting Ganpati pandals in every street and seek the blessings of our beloved Ganesha.

It would be of no wonder if I asked you the ill effects on nature by celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in the traditional way. The extensive use of artificial materials such as POP and other harmful materials such as decorative materials and Oil paints is big harm to nature and in turn to the human race itself.

The effluents such as oil, fiber, plastic, and mercury cause severe pollution to the land and water ecosystem. The idols of Bappa made of POP are not only heavy and cause severe harm to nature they are also very costly.

So, we here at tree Ganesha decided to share a simple DIY (Do It Yourself) guide.

This is a very simple guide and can be made easily by anyone using basic ingredients available in their house. This idol is not only made with zero cost but also does not cause any harm to nature. The reason being the following ingredients are natural and very basic. This idol can be immersed at your own house not leading to any pollution and harming mother nature.


  2. WATER

How to?

Step 1:
Collect some red soil from your plant pots or you can find some easily from your garden.
Collect 2 pots of red soil. Make sure to remove unwanted particles like leaves and other garbage from the soil.

Step 2:
Use a tea filter utensil (chani) to remove large stones and pebbles and also so that the soil is almost soft without any waste in it.

Step 3 :
Collect the pure soil in a bowl and add some water into the soil so it is brought up to dough-like consistency. Mix the soil thoroughly till it is transformed like a dough.

Step 4 :
Check the clay for any irregularities and if found add some sawdust to give some strength.
Keep mixing the mixture until achieving a clay-like consistency.

Step 5:
Divide the whole clay into small parts and then start moulding the clay into different parts of the idol, use a knife or a spoon to do the same. Mould the clay in an oval shape for the stomach, make sure it is hard and perfectly shaped.

Step 6:
Now, mould the clay into the form of a cylindrical shape. Length being as long as 4 inches and the diameter as broad as your finger. Cut the shape into 4 pieces each piece resembling the hand and the legs.

Step 7:
Mold the clay in the shape of a cone resembling the trunk of the idol and also make a comparatively big sphere for the head.

Step 8:
Now bring all the parts together and attach them into the shape of the idol. if required use some matchstick in order to provide strength to the structure.

Step 9:
Make some detailed parts such as hands and feet using the knife and spoon use detailing tools if you have. For the face make some teeth one being complete and other being chopped in half.

Step 10:
Now let the idol dry completely. Add some detailing using some natural colours available. Place the idol and your Bappa is ready.

That’s how you can make the idol by yourself and can contribute by doing it yourself.


Why Tree Ganesha is beyond Eco-friendly Ganesha?

Supporting nature :

Ganesh Idols available in the market:
Idols that are available in the market called eco-friendly Ganpati are made up of clay and other ingredients mixed into it for hardening. Some Idols are proved to not be eco friendly for the reason that during immersion these clay material and other ingredients may not dissolve in the water and settle at the water bed. This proves it to be still harmful to the nature.

Immersing an eco-friendly Ganesha is still leading to water pollution. Due to the decorations used on them that are made up of plastic and fiber.


Tree Ganesha’s idol:
Tree Ganesha’s idols, on the other hand, are Immersion free and do not need a lot of water for the visarjan. Idols can be placed and watered with few glasses of water which loosens the structure and the immersion ceremony is conducted without any pollution.
Tree Ganesha’s idols have seeds implanted in itself. The idols when immersed, later plants are grown out of them. This not only helps with the plant, this plant later helps to provide freshness to the whole house. Positive vibes and happiness are surrounded by the house. The vibes of the festival are still maintained.
Plants not only help for this only reason but many more.
Our Idols are not decorated with plastic and fiber materials, so its 100% eco-friendly and cannot cause any harm to the environment. Signifying the true meaning of Tree Ganesha.

The idol.
As many other eco-friendly Ganesh murtis are made with clay but they still have decorative items on them. They are painted with decorative colors as well which contain lead and mercury and are not entirely on the terms of being eco friendly.
Eco-friendly Ganpati idols which are made up of clay or other materials. They are still made with some added materials to provide strength to the idol. which proves not to be completely eco friendly.
Eco-friendly Ganesha idols available in the market have to still be immersed into a water body which leads to again forming of water pollution and does not provide an edge on other types of models.
Whereas the tree Ganesha is concerned, the initiative is completely different our Ganpati idols are made from red soil and have seeds of plants already in them.

How does it work?
When you bring your Bappa home and worship him for the festival. At the visarjan ceremony, you have to just place the idol in an open area along the with the pot and then add some glasses of water till the idol is completely dissolved and they let it sit aside for few days.
We have our Bappa still among us but now in the form of a plant. Helping others too.

Eco-friendly Ganpati is costlier than the Tree Ganesha’s Idols. prices are reasonable compared to the features provided by our idols. Eco-friendly Ganesha’s available In the market do not provide value as much as Tree Ganesha’s Idols.

The eco-friendly Ganesha’s are made up of clay hence they are very fragile compared to the Tree Ganesha’s idol. Our idols are portable and even can be transported with ease.

Sometimes Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are made up of clay may tend to crack upon extreme heat or if not made properly and destroy the look and feel of the idol.

“Choose perfect, not good”

Find out why people are happy and satisfied after celebrating Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi?

The Tree Ganesha’s vision of making eco-friendly Ganpati in the form of Tree Ganesha is also a different concept in itself. we plan to change the different festival rites into an eco-friendly way. Our initiative is for the people is by the people of the society.
While working in an eco-friendly manner it gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness to serve nature in a positive way. The best way is to give back to society by planting trees and contributing to it.

The happiness of giving back:
The Indian culture is always inclined towards giving back to society while doing so. Giving back to society in a way of making no pollution during the festival is the best way. It helps not only the human race but the animals around us and the marine life. Not effecting the chain in the whole and providing and adding up to nature after the celebration.
Our way of being good for absolutely free.
While celebrating eco-friendly festivals it not only helps us to reduce the cost of decoration and other factors. giving back to nature is also respected. you don’t have to spend money for the visarjan and other expenses. You can add up to nature at just rupees zero.

Recommended by celebrities and professionals.
Celebrities are also part of Tree Ganesha’s initiative. Many celebs are our customers.
1. Prajakta Shukre
2. Dia Mirza
3. Ritesh Deshmukh
4. Hritik Roshan
5. Richa Chada
6.Sai Tamhankar.
and the ex-chief minister himself Devendra Fadnavis. They are not only with us for the initiative they also promote Tree Ganesha’s initiative with us.

Our Achievements
Not only personalities like our work. we have been featured in more than 10 + articles across the INDIA in different languages. Our work is from top-notch quality is signified by these reviews through this article.
Some of our features.
1. Times of India
2. Maharashtra times
3. DNA
4. Afternoon
5. Janmabhumi – Gujarat
6. Hindustan times
7. Lokstata – Maharashtra
8. Bombay Times

We are also been interviewed on different tv news channels.
1. Magicbricks
2. ABP Maja
3. Tv9
4. Zee 24 Taas
5. Maharashtra news.
(please include direct links)
Our such high reach is due to our work towards nature and also a better future for human beings. Being great to ourselves and also serve nature is what we serve you come join us and be a part of these wonderful initiatives.
The best part of us is that we are flexible and we personalize according to your constraints. We understand you and your needs thereby working for the best possible way for wellbeing.

“ Happiness is to Share and Care”

How does it benefit us to celebrate Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi?

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi is very dear to our heart and we celebrate with all will and love towards it. We as devotees love the teachings of lord Ganesha and implement it in every part of our life. During the festival too we serve the naivedya that is of something that is dear to Lord Ganesha.

The celebration of eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi is not only by using tree Ganesha’s idols but also beyond that. It is important to understand that we have to use materials during the festivals that are eco friendly. Using decorative materials made out of flowers and natural materials is of great help rather than using thermocol and other artificial materials.
The use of plastic containers and bags have to be also avoided so that there is no pollution and wastage at a large scale. The usage has to be minimal and food waste has to be reduced.
The rising temperature on earth and the use of fossil fuel leading to depletion of natural resources. The rise of the water level is very certain and it would be of no surprise to tell that the rising water level will submerge the city of Mumbai in no time. Not only in Mumbai but all over the world.

The carbon footprints and depletion of the ozone layer is a serious issue. The lockdown India has taught us how adversely we as human beings are affecting our nature.
When researched about this the only answer to this was to make the earth cleaner and greener. Here is where we are doing our part by doing the needy by providing tree Ganesha. That has zero waste production and causes negative pollution.
The seeds that are in the idols are of the plants that are in daily use for a domestic lifestyle. Ranging from seeds of fruit plants to flowers, vegetables, and much more.

We being negative to pollution means that we add to nature by adding plants to the ecosystem. That not only benefits us but also animals and microorganisms. The plants are in a pot that makes it portable.

1. Idols are made from natural red soil.
2. Zero chemicals used such as colors and another catalyst.
3. Easy to carry idols because of safe packaging.
4. 100% dissolvable idols.
5. Durable and portable.

While hearing the cheers of people saying “ pudchya varshi lavkar ya “ and you miss the festival and devotion.
Now we have our idol at home forever just in the form of a plant and can be among us. Never missed and tell your children about them.