How to recognise Eco-friendly Ganesh Murti?


How to recognise eco-friendly ganesh murti

How to recognize Eco-friendly Ganesh Murti?

A lot of people get confused to recognize the eco-friendly idol while booking Ganesh murti and end up with booking an idol which is not eco-friendly murti. Here are the below steps that should be kept in mind while finalizing Ganesh murti.


While booking eco-friendly Ganesh murti weight is the easiest thing to recognize an idol whether it is Eco-friendly or P.O.P. Mainly eco-friendly murtis are heavier in weight because it is made up of natural soil that has a pretty good weight. Also should check under the murtis because a lot of Idol sellers fill cement in it to make P.O.P Idol heavier to match it with eco-friendly idols. So you should check the weight twice before booking eco-friendly Ganesh murti.

Diamond Stones
Not a single Ganesh Murti is eco-friendly if that idol is decorated with gems, decorative laces or huge diamonds. A lot of people book eco-friendly Idol but they decorate murti with such decorative items which damage to the aquatic life. Many of the fishes and turtles swallow such toxic diamonds and die. So if you see any Ganesh murti which is decorated with such items do not book it.

Glossy Colors
Glossy and attractive colors are very beautiful to see but when it comes to conserving our nature it is very dangerous for the eco-system. Glossy colors which are used to paint Ganesh murti contains chromium, lead, aluminum, and copper, which dissolve and turn into toxic compounds in water. This harms the gills of the fish, the most important organ from which the fishes breathe. Murtis which has minimal paint and doesn’t shine at all which are very friendly with Nature. So before booking an eco-friendly murti do not go for glossy and unnatural colors.
Fewer Variations
The procedure of Plaster Idols are very easy and has a lot of variants in Ganesh murtis because the plaster substance which is used to make Ganesh idols dries very quickly and becomes ready for paint. But in eco-friendly idols production is very limited because it takes energy and a lot of time to dry idols after this procedure the Idols are ready for paint. So if you choose an idol to make sure that it does not go opposite to nature
Not Easily Available
Eco-friendly Idols demand is increasing nowadays but due to lack of production people are opting for any murti. For eco-friendly murti, booking has to be done well in advance so that artist also has the time to make eco-friendly idols. Comparing to Plaster Idols The availability for P.O.P idols are increasing day by day, Many of the stalls sells plaster of Paris murtis with different and trendy idols. So the worshippers do not search for much and book Ganesh murti then and there itself. Visiting various stalls and booking Idols well in advance before Ganesh Festival can stop you from getting wrong Ganesh murtis which are poisonous for ecosystem

Plaster murtis are very lighter in weight and have more hollowness below the murti as compared to eco-friendly murtis. This hollowness creates more problem when it comes to contact with fishes. Most of the fishes get stuck in that hollow space and die. So murtis with more hollowness affect nature and should not worship in Ganesh festivals

Low Price
Many of the sellers sell P.O.P Idols at very cheaper rates but due to lack of awareness people purchase it. Most of the sellers sell unfinished murtis at a very low cost which worshippers agree to buy them. So while booking Ganesh murti make sure that it is completely finished and made by natural substances

So, when you go to book the murti make sure you follow all these pointers while bringing home an idol which is safe for the environment and also choose wisely where to immerse it – a small tank in your courtyard or a bucket.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

How to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival

How to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesha festival

How to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesha festival

Eco-friendly Decoration: Lot of people decorate their Ganpati pandals and homes using plastic, thermacol, and various bio-degradable materials which indirectly goes into water bodies which get polluted. To avoid such activities we can use degradable materials to decorate such as paper, clothes, flowers, putta, jute, theme decoration, diyas and so on.

Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols: Eco-friendly Ganesh murti plays an important role in celebrating the festival. Eco-friendly Idols which are made of natural soil and also melts completely after meeting water bodies as compared to Plaster of Paris Idols that doesn’t dissolve and create pollution by which aquatic animals get affected.

Symbolic Visarjan: Many of the people go to their nearby beaches, lakes or oceans and immerse the Ganesh murti which creates pollution. Here is the symbolic visarjan which means immersing Ganesh Murti in the home itself. This may cure the water pollution and keep the beaches clean even after the day of visarjan.

Avoid Noise Pollution: Music is good to our ears but only till its not a problem or disturbance to others. You really don’t want to cause an inconvenience to someone. Keep the volume in check. Do not get carried away. We are sure our Ganesha doesn’t really enjoy the loud songs and silly Bollywood music.
Going with the conventional bhajans and shlokas are entirely great and make inspiration around too.

Chemical Free Rangolis: Using eco-friendly color as we use them in the holi festival. make some creative out of turmeric, henna rice powder. We can also use flowers and grains that will look pretty good and something innovative

Size limitation in Idols: Is Faith depends upon our Ganpati murti size? Absolutely no, Even the small and handy murti gives the same blessing as big murtis. So avoid bringing big murti and opt for eco-friendly and handy Ganpati murti

Importance of Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols.

Importance of Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols

Importance of Eco-friendly Ganesh IdolsGanesh Chaturthi is a festival which is celebrated all over India to worship Lord Ganesh, is becoming more eco-friendly nowadays. Generally, Ganesh murtis are made of Plaster of Paris, are immersed in water after Ganesh Chaturthi, which harms the water bodies. Many of the people are practicing the eco-friendly Idol during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Eco-friendly Ganesh Murtis are made of organic soil/mud, natural colors.
Why should you use eco-friendly Ganesh idols?
Being responsible citizens we can accomplish something for our environment Plaster of Paris is non-biodegradable made of poisons and unsafe colors and it severely pollutes the sea-going life and water bodies. To spare and secure our nature, we should hold hands and do our bit, and go for eco-friendly items.

Numerous campaigns are performed to make awareness on conserving the environment through different mediums.

The following are the significance of utilizing eco-accommodating Ganesh Murtis

It Saves Our Water Resources: As stated before, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated by immersing Ganesh murtis in water. Idols made of Plaster of Paris are non-biodegradable and it will contaminate water by killing the sea-going lives and expanding the corrosive substance of the water. While eco-friendly idols are degradable and they won’t hurt any living creatures in the water.

It Protects Human Health: One of the main aspects of why you should use eco-friendly Ganesh Idols is that with unclean and dirty water, people will get infected with dangerous elements. Plaster of Paris and other harmful colors can cause health problems. By worshiping Eco-friendly Idols which are made of organic soil can solve this problem
It Helps Avoid Food Poisoning, A Major Concern: If you are a non-vegan, be wary of having fish after this celebration. The components used to design Lord Ganesh contain various metals that pollute the water. Be that as it may, in eco-accommodating Ganesh Idols, while in eco-friendly Idols there are no such poisonous elements are used.

Fake diamonds and glitters: There are numerous sparkles and metals used to make Ganesh Murtis that are harmful to the body when it interacts with it. This can cause allergy and other health problems due to the presence of chemicals. While Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols are not made with any such sparkles.

Eco-friendly is easy to make: If you want a Ganesh Idol made of Plaster of Paris, you may need to rely upon the sculptor. in the case of eco-friendly idols, you can make one yourself with the help of your family members. It spreads more satisfaction and congruity in the family and among the individuals from the family. The family bond is one of the significant factors of bringing home an eco-friendly idol

It is Easily Available: Why you should use eco-friendly Ganesh Idols? Indeed, the answer is simple. Eco-friendly murti can be made with things that are effectively accessible at home. With the increase in the number of people who support or love the environment, eco-friendly Ganesh idols are easily available in the market as well. Along these lines, have a favored eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi by bringing eco-friendly Ganesh idols and conserving nature with going green every Ganesh Chaturthi

How to recognize Eco-friendly Idols: Plaster of Paris Idols are almost very lighter in weight and painted with toxic and shiny colors. while eco-friendly murti is heavier in weight and natural color are been used to paint them which will help to keep our water bodies clean even after Ganesh Chaturthi