How is Tree Ganesha helpful for the future generations?

As per research reportedly the post effects on marine life are noticeable to a large scale. After the immersion ceremony for the span of 10 days. The change in PH level, the temperature of the water and dissolved solutes are exponentially high.
As we here at tree Ganesha work towards making eco-friendly Ganpati idols. Our main goal is to make this world a pollution-free world with respect to contributing by making eco-friendly idols.

Many people think that using eco-friendly Ganpati would only solve the problem of pollution. The 10 day-long festival of Ganesh Chaturthi also leads to the generation of huge waste from flowers, decoration, incense sticks, and fruits. These materials are mostly stuffed within the plastic bags and are thrown near the immersion locations. Leading to mismanaged garbage collection and accumulation in one place.

The idols are heavily decorated with huge amounts of paints containing lead, magnesium, mercury and also synthetic oils. These substances do not dissolve in the water bodies leading to adverse effects on marine life causing water and soil pollution.
The POP (plaster of Paris) idols are also made from artificial materials that are insoluble and effect by creating pollution. And mismanagement of waste. This material is heavy in nature sink into the water bodies and is settled into the water bed. Which directly affects the coral bed, which is the breeding ground for the fishes.

How are we not contributing to this?
We at tree Ganesha are happy by solving this problem and bringing you a divine and future conscious approach. Our idols are made from 100% eco-friendly materials and we do not use any kind of plastic.
Our paints are used at a minimal level and are natural materials. We are plastic neutral. we do not use any kind of plastic during production and do not encourage plastic.

Our idols are made from red soil or called lal maathi that is directly available from mother nature. This material is natural and does not contain any harmful substances. The soil from the idol is used for planting a new tree.

The decoration of the idols contains no synthetic materials or plastic materials that are harmful to nature. Natural colors are used and at a minimal quantity.

How bad are the effects of immersion ceremony?
The below table shows the adverse effect on water bodies after the immersion of POP idols. These are official figures and can make us realize how deeply we are affecting nature.

The effect is drastic compared to the only reason causing this pollution. The rise in water salinity is also a major factor causing it. This does not affect only the marine life inside the water but also the life above the water.
The current rising temperature on earth due to human activity is adversely leading to rising water levels. Immersion of idols adds up to it. So let us leave a beautiful world behind for our upcoming generations.

How we are making your future generations safe?
Adaptation is the biggest strength. so let us adapt and bring this season an eco-friendly tree Ganesha’s Ganesha at our home and celebrate with great happiness and not affecting nature.
This does not only bring a positive aspect for the future but also makes a good habit for the younger kids to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our greatest followers are our children and the young generation, leading them to the right path will not cost us anything by taking this part and just making a small change by today itself.
Whereas, the idols made by tree Ganesha are eco friendly and are immersion free. Ganpati Bappa stays at home and does not pollute the environment, leaving a clean and green future for our upcoming generations.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”