10 reasons to switch to Tree Ganesha


Tree Ganesha’s vision to change the way we think and to form an eco-friendly environment to celebrate festivals in India is a work of art in itself. Tree Ganesha’s initiative with making 100% eco-friendly Ganpati Idols and also using an eco-friendly method to celebrate festivals. By the future, we think to revolutionize the way that we think towards festivals and find the best way to this out.

1. Eco friendly

Tree Ganesha’s idols are completely eco-friendly and are made from materials such as red soil and natural colours that are available directly in nature. By using natural materials it not only reduces the use of artificial materials but also doesn’t create stress on nature by exploiting it. The materials are from nature in nature but just in a different form.

2. Natural colours

The idols that are made from POP are decorated with materials and use an extensive amount of synthetic paints that are available and that have a huge amount of lead and oil-based substituents in them.

Tree Ganesha’s idols use completely natural colours are used at the minimal level .these colours are friendly to nature as well as human beings. The beauty of an idol doesn’t lie in the number of paints and decoration but on the beauty of the eyes.

3. Reasonable cost

Idols made from POP available in the market are made with materials that are easily available in the market. So these idols are priced cheaply. these cheap priced materials are not healthy for nature.

Whereas eco-friendly Ganesha’s are concerned they are made from natural materials and still may have added materials to make them strong but are highly-priced.

Our idols at Tree Ganesha are made from soil and completely full proof and we make what we promise, our idols are priced to the market need and are the best price you can find for such great quality of products that you can bring your home.

4. Planting a tree

Tree Ganesha’s idols have an integrated seed in the body of the idol and hence being an immersion free celebration. the immersion ceremony can be conducted in our balconies.

On watering the idols the seeds are regenerated and grow into a healthy plant. Planting a tree for nature and keeping our beloved lord Ganesha among us in the form of a plant.

5. New designs

Our designs at Tree Ganesha are innovative and very creative. Our team of sculptures are young minds from the generations and keep adding new designs to our inventory to meet your need and purpose.

Ganesha’s face details are important and tell about the artist and the idol a lot.

6. Appreciated by celebrities

Recommended by celebrities and professionals. Celebrities are also part of Tree Ganesha’s initiative. Many celebs are our customers.

  1. Prajakta shukre
  2. Dia mirza
  3. Ritesh Deshmukh
  4. Hritik roshan
  5. Richa chhada
  6. Sai Tamhankar.

and the ex-chief minister himself Devendra Fadnavis. They are not only with us for the initiative they also promote Tree Ganesha s initiative with us.

Our achievements.

7. Unique concept

Our concepts are unique in themselves. As mentioned above our team has young and creative people who are always working towards bringing you the best service.

8. Immersion free

Our idols at Tree Ganesha are immersion free and can be immersed in our own homes. As we know the evil effects of the POP idols. so we have this unique concept of immersion free visarjan.

9. Future foresight

We Look into the future and we are working towards making this world a better place to live for the upcoming generations.

We have a vision of becoming a 360 eco-friendly organization.

10. Helping nature with zero cost

If you would have read all the above points we are sure that you have to not spend a rupee to bring the changes to the environment.

So come on board with us and join us to make this place a better place to live!

                                                  “Come join us for a change”

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