How to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival

How to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesha festival

Eco-friendly Decoration: Lot of people decorate their Ganpati pandals and homes using plastic, thermacol, and various bio-degradable materials which indirectly goes into water bodies which get polluted. To avoid such activities we can use degradable materials to decorate such as paper, clothes, flowers, putta, jute, theme decoration, diyas and so on.

Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols: Eco-friendly Ganesh murti plays an important role in celebrating the festival. Eco-friendly Idols which are made of natural soil and also melts completely after meeting water bodies as compared to Plaster of Paris Idols that doesn’t dissolve and create pollution by which aquatic animals get affected.

Symbolic Visarjan: Many of the people go to their nearby beaches, lakes or oceans and immerse the Ganesh murti which creates pollution. Here is the symbolic visarjan which means immersing Ganesh Murti in the home itself. This may cure the water pollution and keep the beaches clean even after the day of visarjan.

Avoid Noise Pollution: Music is good to our ears but only till its not a problem or disturbance to others. You really don’t want to cause an inconvenience to someone. Keep the volume in check. Do not get carried away. We are sure our Ganesha doesn’t really enjoy the loud songs and silly Bollywood music.
Going with the conventional bhajans and shlokas are entirely great and make inspiration around too.

Chemical Free Rangolis: Using eco-friendly color as we use them in the holi festival. make some creative out of turmeric, henna rice powder. We can also use flowers and grains that will look pretty good and something innovative

Size limitation in Idols: Is Faith depends upon our Ganpati murti size? Absolutely no, Even the small and handy murti gives the same blessing as big murtis. So avoid bringing big murti and opt for eco-friendly and handy Ganpati murti

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