5 things which are more Important apart from eco-friendly soil Idol

Eco-friendly ganesh idol benefits
Half eco-friendly knowledge is a dangerous thing
Half eco-friendly knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Idol made from the soil is not enough


Soil: Idol made from insoluble material (POP) creates water pollution.

Gold colour: Gold colour acts like poison for aquatic species.

Diamonds: Diamonds act like a knife, it damages inner parts of fishes after sawing.

Visarjan: Avoid doing visarjan in the water bodies such as lakes, rivers, sea.

After Visarajan: Visarjan is not an end…


Soil: Go for an idol made of eco-friendly.

Gold colour: Prefer without a gold-colored idol.

Diamonds: Prefer without diamonds and glittered idol.

Visarjan: Do home visarjan and make it a tradition.

After Visarajan: It will support nature and expand greenery.

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