Best eco friendly Ganpati to maintain social  distancing.


The world has been under a pandemic for the year 2020. In such tough times, everyone is supposed to stay home. Everyone is in the danger of the virus. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all the sectors of the world such as crashing economies, the world is under immense stress.

Such tough times have brought us closer to ourselves and our family. As Ganesh Chaturthi is in just a few months it’s advised by the government to stay indoors and practice social distancing.

Social distancing is the main issue we cannot celebrate the festival with our whole family and friends. As we also know that Ganesh Chaturthi is no fun without people, relatives, and friends around us.

The traditional way that we celebrate this festival we have to perform various rites which by default us to have public interactions. The festivals have to perform large aartis with a group of people.

The immersion in the traditional method is taken by water bodies that are available in public places with a large number of people gathering at a single place and not following any rules. Sanitization of the entire surrounding is hardly followed and the risk of contracting the disease is higher.

The decorations for the celebrations can be minimized and using home-based remedies an be the next option and finding alternatives for each process is what will bring more meaning to the festival.

It doesn’t matter how we got into this pandemic it is important to know how we come out of this problem and evolve the outlook on the things that we pursue.

By staying indoors we have clearly understood that animals are no a threat to us but we are the real threat to the animals and the nature around us. Dolphins returning to the coast of Mumbai and animals roaming freely on the roads around different parts of India and also around the world.

It’s high time we understand the threat that we have caused to the environment and polluting mother nature from the past so many years.  Ganpati idol’s immersion has abused the marine ecosystem and also causing land and water pollution.

While we take the eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival we can celebrate the festival without having any interactions with anyone around. Aartis can be performed by the family members around.

The delivery of your eco-friendly Ganesha will be followed by following social distancing and taking good care of sanitizing everything.

Tree Ganesha’s idols being having seeds in them can be planted easily in our balcony or backyards and keep our lord Ganesha within us and helping the nature in form of a tree and also helping us to stay with us in the tough times.

Collectively tree Ganesha idols can help you maintain social distancing and avoid public contact to the large extent. Bring a Tree Ganesha home this time and help make this world a better place.

                                     “Staying home and helping mother nature!”

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