Tree Ganesha shaping Ganesh Chaturthi festival.!

The auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in India from several hundreds of years. But after the invasion of foreigners in India, this festival was discontinued in order to bring differences among the people and also so that there is no unity.

But in the later days of 1892 this festival was revived again by the greatest freedom leader of India Bal Gangadhar Tilak in order to bring the people together and fight against the foreigners and show them the real power of unity.

This festival is since by then celebrated among the people in order to showcase the love and devotion to the lord and also bringing people together and sharing happiness with everyone.

The olden days had the idols being made from natural materials such as clay and soil. The idols been made for the purpose of worshipping and not to showcase it.

Fast forward to today, the major pollution caused to the natural environment has the part of Ganesh Chaturthi also. The city of Mumbai having a record of immersing 1,50,000 idols per year. For a fast and easy alternative, we have switched off to POP based idols which are lighter.

These idols not only degrade the natural environment on land but also on the marine life. The post effects of immersion on marine life lead to a rise in water level and also making the water saline. other materials used in the process are also dumped in the same place.

We here at tree Ganesha are of the view to transform this system from an artificial based to the natural-based process being completely immersion free and easy to use.

While using idols that are completely immersion free we also look forward to provide an alternative to celebrate the festival by zero-waste model.

Our vision is to promote more such ways of celebrating such festivals and making an habit among the people for such noble work.

We plan to be a 360-eco friendly  by the year 2022. We not only plan to bring the change to the environment but also to bring a social change. This is in turn inspires the younger generation to celebrate their festivals in such away. You celebrating through tree Ganesha contribute to the movement for a better and cleaner future  for your generation.

Our team is a people who are young and understand the value of nature. We innovate new ideas towards this same goal and promote this.

Our idols are plastic neutral and have seeds of plants which can be planted after the immersion ceremony. Revolutionizing this festival won’t be easy without your help we need your help for the collective action that we are taking towards this problem.

“ Come join us towards a better future “

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