Why Tree Ganesha is beyond Eco-friendly Ganesha?

Supporting nature :

Ganesh Idols available in the market:
Idols that are available in the market called eco-friendly Ganpati are made up of clay and other ingredients mixed into it for hardening. Some Idols are proved to not be eco friendly for the reason that during immersion these clay material and other ingredients may not dissolve in the water and settle at the water bed. This proves it to be still harmful to the nature.

Immersing an eco-friendly Ganesha is still leading to water pollution. Due to the decorations used on them that are made up of plastic and fiber.


Tree Ganesha’s idol:
Tree Ganesha’s idols, on the other hand, are Immersion free and do not need a lot of water for the visarjan. Idols can be placed and watered with few glasses of water which loosens the structure and the immersion ceremony is conducted without any pollution.
Tree Ganesha’s idols have seeds implanted in itself. The idols when immersed, later plants are grown out of them. This not only helps with the plant, this plant later helps to provide freshness to the whole house. Positive vibes and happiness are surrounded by the house. The vibes of the festival are still maintained.
Plants not only help for this only reason but many more.
Our Idols are not decorated with plastic and fiber materials, so its 100% eco-friendly and cannot cause any harm to the environment. Signifying the true meaning of Tree Ganesha.

The idol.
As many other eco-friendly Ganesh murtis are made with clay but they still have decorative items on them. They are painted with decorative colors as well which contain lead and mercury and are not entirely on the terms of being eco friendly.
Eco-friendly Ganpati idols which are made up of clay or other materials. They are still made with some added materials to provide strength to the idol. which proves not to be completely eco friendly.
Eco-friendly Ganesha idols available in the market have to still be immersed into a water body which leads to again forming of water pollution and does not provide an edge on other types of models.
Whereas the tree Ganesha is concerned, the initiative is completely different our Ganpati idols are made from red soil and have seeds of plants already in them.

How does it work?
When you bring your Bappa home and worship him for the festival. At the visarjan ceremony, you have to just place the idol in an open area along the with the pot and then add some glasses of water till the idol is completely dissolved and they let it sit aside for few days.
We have our Bappa still among us but now in the form of a plant. Helping others too.

Eco-friendly Ganpati is costlier than the Tree Ganesha’s Idols. prices are reasonable compared to the features provided by our idols. Eco-friendly Ganesha’s available In the market do not provide value as much as Tree Ganesha’s Idols.

The eco-friendly Ganesha’s are made up of clay hence they are very fragile compared to the Tree Ganesha’s idol. Our idols are portable and even can be transported with ease.

Sometimes Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are made up of clay may tend to crack upon extreme heat or if not made properly and destroy the look and feel of the idol.

“Choose perfect, not good”

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